EFOS has the following aims:

  • Fostering of academic studies of older people alongside younger students or at special academies/universities for older people
  • Fostering of joint projects for older students throughout Europe
  • Fostering and securing the access of older people to academic education including those without formal qualifications
  • Representation of interests of academic education for older people in politics and society
  • Fostering of autonomous national organisations with similar goals
  • Identifying possibilities of using the skills and expertise of older students for the benefit of science and society
  • Cooperation with other international organisations that support lifelong learning (LLL)


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EFOS is represented at the Vienna NGO committee on Ageing of the UN

Next Meeting

Spring meeting
25 to 28 April 2018
in London




Diploma from Wroclaw University

On the 4th of July 2016, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its University of the Third Age, the University of Wroclaw awarded a diploma to EFOS.



On 13 May 2016 the presidents of EFOS and AIUTA signed a memorandum of cooperation

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Educational Senior Network

Virtual European Cultural Centre

Comparison of Universities for Seniors and investigation on motivation of senior students 


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